The support team behind the dream!


The project would have never begun without the support and caring my family. Dad, who counseled me through the whole process. Mum who inspired me to what feels good instead of what’s expected. Pekka, with his concrete help and presence. Suski, who got me to believe I could do it. Sanna, who helped me realize the value of community.


All the kind people that have shared their time, expertise and labor for the project. Special thanks to Hurskis (electrician by profession and by heart), Ville (boat builder, consultant and landlord), Kimmo (building legislation expert), Tuukka (inspection officer trustee) and Janne (engineering expert).


The following companies have participated in the project with varying inputs from materials to expertise and moral support. The contributing factors in the material selection process have been quality, durability, weight and the easiness of installation - without forgetting the looks.

A smithy renowned globally for his traditional, high quality axes, knifes and tools. Hanhiniitty is also a tourist venture renting canoeing and hiking equipment, offering guided tours and survival training in an island located in the beautiful shores of lake Saimaa.

Hanhiniitty provided the tools and vehicles needed for the project plus worked as the projects primary consultant and supporter.

An insulation manufacturer with the most efficient thermal solutions for the most challenging environments. XPS, PU, EPS and water insulation. Finnfoam provided the thermal insulation for the project.

The project used fixed windows and patio door manufactured by Pihla - one of the largest window and door providers in the country with a 20 year expertise and practice. Their high-quality products find their way to thousands of Finnish building sites every year.

The home is equipped with Villa 9010, the most space-efficient model of eco-friendly dry toilets for everyday use, manufactered by Separett.

The frame of the house is constructed of veneer lumber beams by Metsa Wood - a company providing premium-quality wood products for construction, industrial and distribution customers.

Kerto-beams are as easy to install as traditional right-fours - with significantly higher sturdiness and guaranteed straightness.

Ruukki offers adaptive, modern, high quality steel roof products and add-ons from screws to solar panels to fulfill one's wildest building dreams. The roof used in the project is called Silence - designed to dampen the noises of rainfall and wind.

Koskisen Oy is over hundred years old family business specialized to the wood industry. The main surface material used in the project is KoskiStandard Combi plywood - a combination of elegant, sturdy birch and lightweight spruce.

Westmac is a vehicle and furniture importation company with very reasonable prices and wide range of products based in Heinola. The trailer used in the project is from their catalog.