Seasons greetings

18 / 12 / 2015

A decision

I’ve changed the layout of the house to the Scandinavian design I introduced a few weeks ago. I asked the public opinion regarding the options here in the blog and on various Tiny House groups on Facebook and I’m grateful for every entry. The reason I did so was to make sure that I wouldn’t overlook any details that I might have blinded myself to. Naturally most of the commenting concerned the visual look, which is a simple matter of taste. I personally prefer the privacy, the height and the flexibility of the interior over the open view and tiny floor space. I also want to point out that nothing really prevents punching a hole in the wall and installing another window, if one so desires 🙂

The plan overview has been updated accordingly. I’m still gathering and calculating the material weight and costs list so the material listing hasn’t been yet updated. I’ll probably publish the previous plan also at least on my 3D Warehouse profile at some point – in case someone wants to use it as a base for their own THOW.

Christmas time!

I don’t really care for Christmas myself, but since rest of the world does, I’m going to take a little break in the fund-raising, consulting and all the other harassing I’ve been up to lately 🙂 Without any further due, I want to wish all my readers a peaceful Christmas time and the wildest new year!


“The main reason Santa is so jolly
is because he knows where all the bad girls live.”
– George Carlin

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