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29 / 11 / 2015

I accidentally another design, is this bad?

Lately I’ve been focusing on picking out components, calculating weights and costs, writing e-mails and getting second opinions on the structure. It’s been soooo boring. So I decided to take a little break on the project and do something fun. A new design.


The feeling in this design differs dramatically from the earlier plan, which I did already lock down and which of I’m not suddenly so sure anymore. Look at all the space!


Kitchen counters for a washer, stove (hidden under the counter top), sink and trash plus the fridge. On the right side of the kitchen counters there’s food and household stuff storage. The other cabinet is for personal belongings.


The bed rolls out from underneath the floor raise. The raises height is near the standard seating height, so it’s useable as a bench. The empty space underneath the floor raise is meant for water tanks, batteries and plumbing etc. Accessible via hatches. The bathroom is big enough for a 80 * 80 cm shower stall, a big composting toilet and a water heater.

Which one to choose?

This plan is much more simpler to build than the one I locked down but I’d guess that it weights and also costs a bit more. The walls are higher all around so it requires more framing and (expensive) insulation. I can’t say that I don’t love the roominess though. Another plus side on this design that the door is located at the back of the trailer – it means that I there could be a fixed porch as well. This is basically the latest point when I can change the design. I don’t know what to do. Opinions?

  • Pege says:


    I prefer the first desing desing simply because of window placing. This one might feel a bit cavelike, since it has to be presumably quite narrow. Although you could probably add some sense of space with big mirror/s. Those mirror/s would also scatter any incoming daylight.

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