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29 / 01 / 2016

All items on the list checked

Structure, insulation, plumbing, gas installations, heating, and the final piece of the puzzle – electricity – all clear. I sat down with an electrician a week ago and thought about how to electrify the home as well as improve the heating system. Here’s how.


So far all of the tiny house blogs I’ve been following have presented the wires installed inside the wall structures. This is something I want to avoid. The winter gets really cold in Finland and I want all of the walls as insulated as possible and I also want to be prepared to replace anything without tearing the walls open in case something goes wrong. This means no plumbing, no wires or gas pipes inside the frame.

So what I’m going to do is to install a protective tube for the wires outside, underneath the trailer, and pull the wires through the floor to the insides of the cabinets. Batteries, an inverter and a tiny fuse panel is to be installed to the outside cabinet with the gas storage. The home can be powered up with solar panels, plugged in to an existing network for power and/or to charge the batteries for off grid.


I’ve set my mind on an underfloor heating system a long while back – but because the floor is going to be wooden, the power per square meter has to be quite low. Installing a low powered underfloor heating system isn’t going be enough to keep the house warm on the winter in Finland when the temperature might drop even to -30°C. In addition there’s going to be a radiator in the bathroom and supply air is slightly heated as well.

Off grid

If the underfloor heating system was to fail one day, the backup heating system could be be a transferable gas powered radiator or a camper stove. For off grid winter living in the latitude of Finland (where there’s not much sunlight in the wintertime) it might be wise to consider installing a fixed gas radiator as well. I’m not crazy enough to aim for a full winter off-grid experience myself just yet, but .. if the day comes, there’s a nice spot between the kitchen and bathroom where to place a fixed heater – just above the gas pipe that for the stove.

Then what?

The plan is now executable. Some of the details are going to get clear as the building proceeds (like the exact positioning of the wires and so on) so I’ll publish the finished plan and details after the home is ready. Material list for the plan is in progress and will be until I’ve sorted out all of the financing and the sponsors. The next few months I’m focusing on the sponsor hunting and however it turns out, I’ve set the date to start building in may. Getting quite excited!


“An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing.”
– Samuel Smiles

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