Locking down the plan

04 / 10 / 2015

Reality check

Previous model I made met my equipment and and furnishing requirements, but a few real life (stupid real life) concerns raised up while working with the frame plan. First off, the flat roof. I’m not absolutely sure whether it would have been a problem with the rain and snow in such a small structure, but better safe than sorry. The second concern was the huge sliding doors. Obviously the heat loss would have been huge as well. And because the entrance was going to be one of the doors on the sides, it would need a handle outside – which would widen of the already almost max-width structure. They might have even be interpreted dangerous for pedestrians! Third question was the air flow and heating. Basically all of the walls were covered with cabinets or sliding doors. The only possible place for an AC/heater was in the bathroom.

So I started over once again. I needed a sloped roof, space for an air pump and a clear passage throughout the whole trailer for the air flow. Less glass wall and an entrance with which I wouldn’t have to worry about handles. With a bit of compromising, I made a plan that still looks like a home to me, meets all my equipment requirements and erases all the practical concerns that popped up.

Floor plan


Living area located at the back end of the trailer, entrance at the front. In between some storage space, a kitchen and a bathroom. The ceiling height is 2,2 meters at it’s lowest and at 2,50 meters at it’s highest, resulting that the sloping of the roof is 7,5 degrees. It’s not enough for snow to fall off on its own but takes care of the rain.


I’ve had a lot of trouble finding lamps that both fit such a tiny space and please my aesthetic eye. I dislike spots (plafonds even more) and there’s only a few places I could fit a pendant lamp to. Thankfully a while ago I bumped into a micro home design that had my lighting issues all figured out. The site is altogether super for decoration tips, be sure to check it out.


Because of the lack of floor space I decided to give up the cabinet folding bed and the armchair and go on with a futon frame. Not the ideal solution, but it’ll have to do. The cabin with the air hatch is for a tower-PC.


The composting toilet model is real life sized (80 * 85 cm), although not the one I’ve got my eye fixed on.


The trailer is still the same 2.5 * 6 meters I mentioned before. Roof framing is done with 900 mm center.

Framing 284.26 kg 218.53 e
Insulation 192.99 kg 795.15 e
Boarding 194.79 kg 425.99 e
Total 672.04 kg 1537.68 e

Most of the extra cost compared to the previous plan comes from insulation, which will pay itself back when buying the doors. And the payback doubles in the heating expenses! I bet the weight evens up too.

Yay, I has a plan

To be exact this is the 12th plan I’ve made for the home. Sounds pretty much, but if I have to do about six plans for a single web layout, 12 plans for a home feels like next to nothing. And all of them were never finished. The plan is still going to take some work of course, sorting out the details and designing the exterior, but now I have something to print out and carry around while consulting people who actually know what they’re doing 😀

As an final lightening I’d like to share a discussion about plastic flooring for my Finnish readers, titled Vitun muovilattia!!! (fucking plastic floor).

“Seek home for rest, for home is best.”
– Thomas Tusser

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