30 / 07 / 2015

Welcome to the project blog!

Let’s get right into business. If you’re interested in the background of the project or wondering what’s going on I suggest reading the info first. In this post I’m going to bring out requirements for the home, what I hope to achieve with this project from a communal point of view and a preliminary timetable for the project.

Requirements for the home

I’ve barely started designing but I’ve got a pretty clear vision of what I want. Here’s a list of tangible specifics what the home will be like.

Mobile and lightweight

For moving the home around it’ll need to have wheels. For easy and legal towing, the total weight of the trailer has to stay under 3500 kg (7700 lb).


To minimize weight and to ease up permissions and bureaucracy, footprint of the house needs to stay at least under 10m2. The road act in Finland limits the trailer maximum width to 2,60 meters (6,56 feet) to be towed without a special permit and an extra warning vehicle.

House-like and personalized

I don’t fancy a caravan, I want a home. I’ve explored a lot of designs and plans of different kinds of tiny houses and haven’t found any particular model that would suit my needs and preferences. I would need to personalize the plan anyway, so why not personalize and optimize them for my needs from the scratch?

Suited for cold environments

Finland has a short summer and if the winter is cold, temperature can drop as low as -30 Celsius degrees (-22 Fahrenheit) even in southern parts of Finland.


I want to be able to live without connections to water or electric networks if necessary.


I’m not the most demanding person considering comfort level, but I do need hot water, electricity and access to the internet on daily basis.

Hopes for the project

There are a ton positive sides in the project, which will happen no matter what. I will learn a lot about many different kinds of topics, get to do stuff with my hands and use my creativity. There’s a mental, intellectual and a physical part which all require effort and surely either teach a valuable lesson or reward me with a step closer to a home. If I know myself at all, I don’t see a chance that I couldn’t rip something beautiful and educational to go on with after this project – even if everything went to the dogs.

Thus said, there’s a lot more that the project can give. To me and to other people as well. My most bashful wish is that together we could establish a network which could support people to live small without being restricted by money, bureaucracy, know-how or the lack of support. To live alone, together, as close or as far away from people as is good for the individual – in a community, in a neighborhood or in the middle of the middle of a forest. That is why I’m asking you to participate any way you see fit – let’s share the journey and build something for everyone to use for their personal well being. I will give everything I’ve got and what I know, join the party and do the same 🙂

Prologue for the schedule

The first part of the project was to get this blog launched. It took longer than I expected, since I couldn’t keep my hands off designing and the universe threw in some personal drama, but it’s finally done and I’m ready to proceed \o/

I realize that the schedule will probably get more or less mixed up since everything affects everything. The choices of building materials affect directly on the weight which affects the size and design and so on. Because of that the timetable, budget and use of time are all just estimates and if necessary, very flexible. The project doesn’t rely on any of the previously mentioned, it advances on it’s own time and it will be done sooner or later, no matter the time or the cost. Without further ado, here’s a rough estimate of the schedule.


The plan for the autumn 2015 is to dig in to the bureaucratic and financial parts of the project, at least to have a clear vision of both if not totally work them out. Since both subjects are quite boring to my mind, my lifeline and recess will be interior design and modeling when I grow tired of reading and thinking about money.

Depending on how budgeting takes wind under it’s wings, winter 2015-2016 is likely spent immersing into construction engineering and tracking down economical materials. I also expect to have my first meltdown with the project at the latest in the wintertime, so I’m reserving a few weeks of personal leave for regrouping 😉

Spring 2016 is the earliest possible time to actually start building. It seems unlikely that I’d be ready at the time if I’m doing the project mostly on my own, but you’ll never know what happens. If I get help the goal seems more reachable. If I don’t, I’ll probably be struggling with the parts mentioned earlier or simply working to get the money I need for the project.
I truly hope that I will be ready to start building the home at latest in the summer / autumn 2016 so it would be ready for the next winter. I read an estimate that if one is an amateur builder, it would take up to three months to finish the house. I already know that I have an access to use minions for the actual construction process but I’m also prepared to spend as long as it takes to build the house to a living condition on one go.

And then?

It’s hard to tell what will happen afterwards. If it’s up to me, I’ll take a little vacation in my fresh out of the oven home, concentrate my energy on making enough money for a car of my own big enough to tow the house. Best case scenario, I’ll be helping out someone else fulfilling the same dream.

“All our dreams can come true
if we have the courage to pursue them.”
– Walt Disney

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