Getting concrete

01 / 04 / 2016

Building space rented

I’ve rented 30 square meters building space from an old industrial building in Puumala, starting May 1st. It’s a big hall, used for all kinds of activities from boat building to weight lifting, so I’m guessing I might meet some interesting people down there. The goal is to get the house done in four months of time, which should be plenty.


Puumala is a lovely, small town that comes to life in the summertime – surrounded by the beauty of clear waters and rugged forests of lake Saimaa. I’m hoping finally to catch a Saimaa ringed seal, which don’t live anywhere else in the world. There’s a beach a stone’s throw from the hall.

Trailer ordered

Right, I’ve got the place to build, the tools for it (thanks to a local smithy, Hanhiniitty), now the only thing I need are the materials. First and the most expensive single component in the whole project, the trailer, is now ordered from the importation company and should be arriving to Finland at the beginning of May!

Brain news

Remember when I anticipated that I might need a break after the year has changed? I guessed right. Gathering all the necessary information, planning, calculating, networking and spending so much time off my comfort zone took it’s toll. After I got the plan executable and was supposed to start arranging the actual building process, the threshold felt unbridgeable. Refining the plan seemed never ending. There was a point that I wanted to unfollow every single Tiny House, building and decorating feed I had been following for seeing ready products only made me feel more feeble and incapable. So I did. And put the project on a shelf for a while. That’s why there weren’t any updates.

A couple of weeks ago the inspiration came back. Maybe it’s because I needed to start ordering the materials and I just don’t have time to rethink everything ten times anymore that things are rolling again. Or I just needed the break. Or maybe it’s the spring – the world around me waking up to life again. Whatever it is, the project feels good as ever again. Everything is back on track and right on schedule 🙂


Saimaa ringed seal. Photo credit Juha “Norppa” Taskinen.

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